Communicate with Redis Servers

Learn how to efficiently communicate with Redis servers, enabling scalable and responsive data storage and retrieval.

AMPHP is a collection of event-driven libraries for PHP designed with fibers and concurrency in mind. This package provides non-blocking access to Redis instances. All I/O operations are handled by Revolt event loop, so you should be familiar with the basics of it.


This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

composer require amphp/redis



require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use function Amp\Redis\createRedisClient;

$redis = createRedisClient('redis://');

$redis->set('foo', '21');
$result = $redis->increment('foo', 21);

\var_dump($result); // int(42)


If you discover any security related issues, please use the private security issue reporter instead of using the public issue tracker.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.