Static File Serving

Learn how to serve static files with Amp's HTTP server.

AMPHP is a collection of event-driven libraries for PHP designed with fibers and concurrency in mind. This package provides an HTTP server plugin to serve static files like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images effortlessly.


This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

composer require amphp/http-server-static-content


This package provides two RequestHandler implementations:

  • DocumentRoot: Serves all files within a directory.
  • StaticResource: Serves a single specific file.

The example below combines static file serving and request routing to demonstrate how they work well together:


use Amp\Http\Server\DefaultErrorHandler;
use Amp\Http\Server\RequestHandler\ClosureRequestHandler;
use Amp\Http\Server\Response;
use Amp\Http\Server\SocketHttpServer;
use Amp\Http\Server\StaticContent\DocumentRoot;
use Amp\Http\Status;

$router = new Amp\Http\Server\Router;
// $server is an instance of HttpServer and $errorHandler an instance of ErrorHandler
$router->setFallback(new DocumentRoot($server, $errorHandler, __DIR__ . '/public'));
$router->addRoute('GET', '/', new ClosureRequestHandler(function () {
    return new Response(Status::OK, ['content-type' => 'text/plain'], 'Hello, world!');

$server->start($router, new DefaultErrorHandler());

A full example is found in examples/server.php.


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