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Http Client ⋅ An Asynchronous HTTP Client for PHP

amphp/http-client is an asynchronous HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 client for PHP based on Amp. Its API simplifies standards-compliant HTTP resource traversal and RESTful web service consumption without obscuring the underlying protocol. The library manually implements HTTP over TCP sockets; as such it has no dependency on ext/curl.


  • Supports HTTP/1 and HTTP/2
  • Requests concurrently by default
  • Pools persistent connections (keep-alive @ HTTP/1.1, multiplexing @ HTTP/2)
  • Transparently follows redirects
  • Decodes compressed entity bodies (gzip, deflate)
  • Exposes headers and message data
  • Streams entity bodies for memory management with large transfers
  • Supports all standard and custom HTTP method verbs
  • Simplifies HTTP form submissions
  • Implements secure-by-default TLS (https://)
  • Supports cookies and sessions


This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

composer require amphp/http-client


The main interaction point with this library is the HttpClient class. HttpClient instances can be built using HttpClientBuilder without knowing about the exiting implementations of the HttpClient interface.

HttpClientBuilder allows to register two kinds of interceptors, which allows customizing the HttpClient behavior in a composable fashion without writing another client implementation.

Basic Example

In its simplest form, the HTTP client takes a request with an URL as string and interprets that as a GET request to that resource without any custom headers. Standard headers like Accept, Connection or Host will automatically be added if not present.

use Amp\Http\Client\HttpClientBuilder;
use Amp\Http\Client\Request;
use Amp\Loop;

Loop::run(function () {
    $client = HttpClientBuilder::buildDefault();

    $response = yield $client->request(new Request(""));

    var_dump(yield $response->getBody()->buffer());