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Byte Stream ⋅ Message

Message has been deprecated. Use Payload instead.

Message implements both InputStream and Promise. This allows consuming a message either in chunks (streaming) or consume everything at once (buffering).


Buffering a complete input stream is quite easy, you can simply yield a Message just like any other Promise. If you have an InputStream that’s not a Message, simply create a new instance from it using new Message($inputStream).

$message = new Message($inputStream);
$content = yield $message;


Sometimes it’s useful / possible to consume a message in chunks rather than first buffering it completely. An example might be streaming a large HTTP response body directly to disk.

while (($chunk = yield $message->read()) !== null) {
    // Use $chunk here, works just like any other InputStream


In some cases you might want to resolve a promise with an InputStream or your method explicitly declares InputStream as a return type. In these cases you should use Message::getInputStream to return the raw input stream. This makes it possible to resolve promises with the InputStream and not run into unexpected issues. Only return a Message if you declare that as a type, otherwise an API assumes InputStream and might try to resolve a promise with that, resulting in buffering the message’s content instead of resolving the promise with an InputStream instance.