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Http Server ⋅ RequestHandler

Usually a RequestHandler directly generates a response, but it might also delegate to another RequestHandler. An example for such a delegating RequestHandler is the Router.

The RequestHandler interface is meant to be implemented by custom classes. For very simple use cases, you can use CallableRequestHandler, which can wrap any callable and automatically executes the callable as coroutine if it returns a Generator.

The naming of RequestHandler and Middleware is chosen based on PSR-15, but the API is adjusted to meet the requirements of asynchronous PHP, i.e. using promises as placeholders for return values.


The following example assumes you’re inside a coroutine, e.g. a callback passed to Loop::run(). You can find the full example in ./examples/hello-world.php in the repository.

$servers = [

$server = new HttpServer($servers, new CallableRequestHandler(function (Request $request) {
    return new Response(Status::OK, [
        "content-type" => "text/plain; charset=utf-8"
    ], "Hello, World!");

yield $server->start();