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Http Server ⋅ Push

The Push class represents a pushed resource in a Response. Push objects are not created by the user, rather resources should be pushed to the client using the Response::push() method. An array of Push objects is returned by the Response::getPushes() method.

getHeaders(): string[][]

Returns the headers as a string-indexed array of arrays of strings or an empty array if no headers have been set.

hasHeader(string $name): bool

Checks if given header exists.

getHeaderArray(string $name): string[]

Returns the array of values for the given header or an empty array if the header does not exist.

getHeader(string $name): ?string

Returns the value of the given header. If multiple headers are present for the named header, only the first header value will be returned. Use getHeaderArray() to return an array of all values for the particular header. Returns null if the header does not exist.

getUri(): Psr\Http\Message\UriInterface

Returns the pushed resource’s URI.