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Http Server ⋅ HttpDriver

HttpDriver is an interface for handling the raw input received from the client socket and writing the raw output back to the client.

Each connected client uses a separate instance of HttpDriver, created by an instance of HttpDriverFactory. This instance may be set using Server::setHttpDriverFactory(). By default, DefaultHttpDriverFactory is used.

There are currently two classes implementing HttpDriver: Http1Driver (for HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1) and Http2Driver (for HTTP/2).

setup(Client $client, callable $onMessage, callable $write): \Generator

This method is called only once, immediately after the HttpDriver object is returned from the HttpDriverFactory::selectDriver() method.

$client is the connected Client instance.

$onMessage is a callable(Request $request): Promise accepting an instance of Request, returning a Promise that is resolved once a response has been generated and the writing of the response is initialized by calling HttpDriver::write(). Note that writing the response is not necessarily complete when the promise resolves.

$write is a callable(string $data, bool $close = false): Promise that is used to write raw bytes in $data to the client. If $close is true, the client is closed after the bytes have been written.

This method returns a generator that is sent the raw data read from the client. The generator yields null or Promise instances. If the generator yields a promise, no additional data is to be sent to the parser until the promise resolves. Only null yields will receive additional client data. Promise yields will be sent null. The generator should not throw an exception.

write(Request $request, Response $response): Promise

Writes the response to the client. The returned promise is resolved once the entire response has been written.

getPendingRequestCount(): int

Returns the number of request bodies currently being read by the parser.

stop(): Promise

This method signals the driver should stop dispatching further requests from the parser. The returned promise is resolved once all currently pending requests have been fully read and replied to.