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Http Server ⋅ Client

Amp\Http\Server\Driver\Client bundles all client-related details, such as the connection and used HttpDriver. A default implementation can be found in Amp\Http\Server\Driver\RemoteClient.

start(HttpDriverFactory $factory)

Listen for requests on the client and parse them using the HTTP driver created by the given driver factory. This method is called by the server and must not be called again.

getOptions(): Options

Server options object.

getPendingRequestCount(): int

Number of requests being read.

getPendingResponseCount(): int

Number of requests with pending responses.

isWaitingOnResponse(): bool

true if the number of pending responses is greater than the number of pending requests. Useful for determining if a request handler is actively writing a response or if a request is taking too long to arrive.

getId(): int

Integer ID of this client. This ID is unique per process, see documentation for resource casts to integers.

getRemoteAddress(): SocketAddress

Remote address or unix socket path.

getLocalAddress(): SocketAddress

Local server address or unix socket path.

isUnix(): bool

true if the client is connected via a Unix socket, false if TCP socket.

isEncrypted(): bool

true if the client is encrypted, false if plaintext.

getTlsInfo(): ?TlsInfo

If the client is encrypted, returns the TlsInfo object. Null is returned for plaintext clients.

isExported(): bool

true if the client has been exported from the server using Response::detach().

getStatus(): int

Integer mask of Client::CLOSED_* constants.

getExpirationTime(): int

Timestamp when the client will automatically be closed if no further activity is received on the connection.

updateExpirationTime(int $expiresAt): void

Sets the timestamp when the client should automatically be closed if no further activity is received on the connection.

onClose(callable $onClose): void

Attaches a callback invoked with this client closes. The callback is passed this object as the first parameter.

close(): void

Forcefully closes the client connection.