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Http Client ⋅ Following Redirects

If you use HttpClientBuilder, the resulting HttpClient will automatically follow up to ten redirects by default. Automatic following can be customized or disabled (using a limit of 0) using HttpClientBuilder::followRedirects().

Following Redirects Illustration

Redirect Policy

The FollowRedirects interceptor will only follow redirects with a GET method. If another request method is used and a 307 or 308 response is received, the response will be returned as is, so another interceptor or the application can take care of it. Cross-origin redirects will be attempted without any headers set, so any application headers will be discarded. If HttpClientBuilder is used to configure the client, the FollowRedirects interceptor is the outermost interceptor, so any headers set by interceptors will still be present in the response. It is therefore recommended to set headers via interceptors instead of directly in the request.

Examining the Redirect Chain

All previous responses can be accessed from the resulting Response via Response::getPreviousResponse(). However, the response body is discarded on redirects, so it can no longer be consumed. If you want to consume redirect response bodies, you need to implement your own interceptor.