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Byte Stream ⋅ Payload

Payload implements InputStream while also providing a method buffer() for buffering the entire contents. This allows consuming a message either in chunks (streaming) or consume everything at once (buffering). When the object is destructed, any remaining data in the stream is automatically consumed and discarded. This class is useful for small payloads or when the entire contents of a stream is needed before any processing can be done.


Buffering a complete input stream is quite easy, you can simply yield the promise returned from buffer() just like any other Promise. If you have an InputStream that’s not a Payload, simply create a new instance from it using new Payload($inputStream).

$payload = new Payload($inputStream);
$content = yield $payload->buffer();


Sometimes it’s useful / possible to consume a payload in chunks rather than first buffering it completely. An example might be streaming a large HTTP response body directly to disk.

while (($chunk = yield $payload->read()) !== null) {
    // Use $chunk here, works just like any other InputStream