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Artax ⋅ Configuration

The DefaultClient follows redirects by default. There are several other options that can be configured. These can either be configured when constructing a new DefaultClient object, or when making a request.

Per-Client Configuration

DefaultClient has setOption and setOptions. The former accepts one of the option constants and a value, while the latter accepts an associative array mapping option constants to values.

Be careful with client-wide options that change the behavior of the client. While sometimes useful, changing them client-wide is discouraged. Use per-request configuration instead.

Per-Request Configuration

These options can also be passed for specific requests in the request method as second parameter. The $options parameter accepts an associative array mapping from Client constants to values like DefaultClient::setOptions.

setOption and setOptions are by-design not part of the Client interface. Setting the options for specific requests is the preferred method of configuration.

Available Options

Option Description
Client::OP_AUTO_ENCODING Whether to automatically apply compression to requests and responses.
Client::OP_AUTO_REFERER Whether to automatically add a “Referer” header on redirects.
Client::OP_DEFAULT_HEADERS Default headers to send.
Client::OP_DISCARD_BODY Whether to directly discard the HTTP response body or not.
Client::OP_MAX_BODY_BYTES Maximum body size. Set to 0 for streaming responses, e.g. Streaming APIs.
Client::OP_MAX_HEADER_BYTES Maximum header size, usually doesn’t have to be adjusted.
Client::OP_MAX_REDIRECTS How many redirects to follow, might be 0 to not follow any redirects.
Client::OP_TRANSFER_TIMEOUT Transfer timeout in milliseconds until an HTTP request is automatically aborted, use 0 to disable.