Bootables in Aerys

Bootables provide a way to be injected the Server and Logger instances on startup.

boot(Server, Logger): Middleware|callable|null

This method is called exactly once when the Server is in Server::STARTING state.

You may return a Middleware and/or responder callable in order to use an alternate instance for middleware/responder.

Note: It is a bad idea to rely on the order in which the boot() methods of the Bootables are called


class MyBootable implements Aerys\Bootable {
	function boot(Aerys\Server $server, Aerys\Logger $logger) {
		// we can now use $server in order to register a ServerObserver for example

		// In case we want to not use this instance for Middlewares or responder callables,
		// we can return an alternate one
		return new class implements Aerys\Middleware {
			function do(Aerys\InternalRequest $ireq) { /* ... */ }
(new Aerys\Host)->use(new MyBootable);