amphp/aerys-session is a session module to be used in conjunction with the Aerys webserver.

Required PHP Version

  • PHP 7

Current Stable Version

Aerys\Session is currently still experimental and may contain bugs. It has a few 0.x tags and follows semantic versioning for 0.x.y, that means x is a major version and every y is a minor / bugfix version as long as there’s no 1.0.0.


composer require amphp/aerys-session

Example config file


$redisUri = "tcp://";
$redis = new Amp\Redis\Client($redisUri);
$mutex = new Amp\Redis\Mutex($redisUri, []);

(new Aerys\Host)
	->use(Aerys\session(new Aerys\Session\Redis($redis, $mutex)))
	->use(function(Aerys\Request $req, Aerys\Response $res) {
		$session = yield (new Aerys\Session($req))->open();
		$count = $session->get("requestcount") + 1;
		$session->set("requestcount", $count);
		yield $session->save();